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Float type level switch
- Holizontal type
- Swing type
Displacement type level switch
Reed switch type float level switch
Magnetic float type level
Float operated type level switch
Tubular type glass level gauge
Flat & reflex type glass level gauge
Magnetic float type level gauge
Marine float level gauge
Self-powered content gauge
Dial type float level gauge
Capscitance type level switch
Flow switch
Non-flow alarm switch
Hight & overfill level alarm system
Electric pneumatic type tank level & draft gauging system
Bilge hight level alarm system
Oil & water detector
Electric pressure type level transmitter
Liquid level control system
Mobrey magnetic level switch
Press. Gauge / Thermometer / Temp. Transmitter / Thermocouple
I.S barrier / Lvel indicator
Selection valve / Gas valve
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  The model DT-100R Type is for liquid level indicationand alarm transmitter.
The individual detecting switches in the guide pipe have been exchanged against a chain of resistors with reed switches.
  This system, as a digital alarm & controller of liquid level, has a micom chip inside and indicates the level by setting the automatic Feed/Drain and High/Low level alarm systems for each kind of tank into digital. It is a level controller of current(4~20mA) input system, which has the function to shut off the cantact output in case of cable disconnection, short circuit, and sensor problem. With its construction to allow easy setting and> functioning, it works properly without being affected by induction or power noise.
  Applied for all kinds of liquid
For a hazard area, to be used as an intrinsically safe system connecting with I.S barrier
  Accuracy : ±1% of F.S depending on measuring range. Measuring range : Max. 30m
Output signal : 4-20mA
Typical resistance : 1KΩ
Power source : 12~32V DC
2 Wire system balancing type
Enclosure : Weather proof / IP56, IP68
Specific gravity : Above min. 0.6
Max. pressure : 10Kg/㎠
Max. working temperatures : -20 ~ +120℃
Ambient temperature : -25 ~ 80℃
I.S grade : EEx ia ll C
Connection size: JIS 5K 80A, 100A
Material - Terminal Box : SUS304, ALDC
- Flange : SS400, SUS304
- Guide pipe : SUS304
- Float : SUS316, Synthetic Rubber
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