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Float type level switch
- Holizontal type
- Swing type
Displacement type level switch
Reed switch type float level switch
Magnetic float type level
Float operated type level switch
Tubular type glass level gauge
Flat & reflex type glass level gauge
Magnetic float type level gauge
Marine float level gauge
Self-powered content gauge
Dial type float level gauge
Capscitance type level switch
Flow switch
Non-flow alarm switch
Hight & overfill level alarm system
Electric pneumatic type tank level & draft gauging system
Bilge hight level alarm system
Oil & water detector
Electric pressure type level transmitter
Liquid level control system
Mobrey magnetic level switch
Press. Gauge / Thermometer / Temp. Transmitter / Thermocouple
I.S barrier / Lvel indicator
Selection valve / Gas valve
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One permanent magnet forms part of a cup assembly Which rises and falls with changing liquid flow late. A second peamanent magnet is positioned within the switch so that the adjacent poles of the two magnets repel each other througe a non magnetic diaphragm.
A change of liquid flow rate which move the cup through its permissible travel will cause the cup magnet to move and repel the other magnet to give the snap action operation.
Actuating weight/releasing weight can change depending on the adjust the ballancing.
  IP Rating : IP 56, IP67(Option)
Switch Capacity : AC 250V/15A, AC 480V/15A, DC 30V/6A
Max. Working Pressure : 10 kg/㎠
Max. temperature : 120℃
Weight: 2.3kg
Contact : SPDT,DPDT
Actuating weight : 80g
Releasing weight : 25g
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