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Float type level switch
- Holizontal type
- Swing type
Displacement type level switch
Reed switch type float level switch
Magnetic float type level
Float operated type level switch
Tubular type glass level gauge
Flat & reflex type glass level gauge
Magnetic float type level gauge
Marine float level gauge
Self-powered content gauge
Dial type float level gauge
Capscitance type level switch
Flow switch
Non-flow alarm switch
Hight & overfill level alarm system
Electric pneumatic type tank level & draft gauging system
Bilge hight level alarm system
Oil & water detector
Electric pressure type level transmitter
Liquid level control system
Mobrey magnetic level switch
Press. Gauge / Thermometer / Temp. Transmitter / Thermocouple
I.S barrier / Lvel indicator
Selection valve / Gas valve
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  This float level gauge is used for all kind of oil tanks. it’s good points simple installation and easy maintenance
DFLG - A(JIS F 7217A) DFLG - B(JIS F 7217B) DFLG - C(JIS F 7217C)
Model Mounting Type Nominaldia Application
DFLG-FCG-100 Direct acting 100 Removable
DFLG-FCG-150 Direct acting 150 Double bottom
(Lubricating oil,Water)tanks
DFLG-FCG-200 Direct acting 200
Model Cha-mber Float Sheave Spindle Flange Wire rope Sight glass
DFLG-A SGP SUS304 SS400 N/A SS400 SUS304 N/A
DFLG-B-150 SGP SUS304 SS400 N/A SS400 SUS304 N/A
DFLG-C-200 SGP SUS304 SS400 SUS304 SS400 N/A Hard
Model Working condition Conn. size Chamber size Measuring renge at Sp.Gr 0.92
Press Temp.
DFLG-A-100 3㎏/㎠ 80°C 5K 100A 100A 3000m/m
DFLG-B-150 3㎏/㎠ 80°C 5K 100A 150A 6000m/m
DFLG-C-200 3㎏/㎠ 80°C 5K 100A 200A 10000m/m
  ·The scale plate for above gauges are optional item
·The JIS F 7217 angle valve for DFLG-B is optional item.
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